“Tbh Vermie, I think your a very sweet girl and have a big heart. Your kind and have a good sense of humor! I admire your AMAZING talent in art. I very much enjoy viewing your work. Keep up the good work! I also very much enjoy seeing your bright, beautiful smile.”


Messages like this makes me smile out of the blue. :>

“No matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.”

— (via ohlovequotes)

"Just kiss like normal people kiss"


Hey shout out to all the girls with the small boobs and shout out to all the girls with the big boobs 

Shout out to the girls with the perky boobs and the girls with the saggy boobs

Shout out to the girls with one boob bigger than the other 

Shout out to the girls with brown nipples and the girls with pink nipples.

Shout out to boobs because boobs are awesome no matter what


1. First impression: swagger fag. Hahaha :p
2. Truth is: you ugly. Jk. Its so nice to have you as my meow to hangout w/ me sometimes.
3. How old do you look: 18
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yesss😁
5. Have you ever made me mad: super. 😡
6. Best feature: dimples :3
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: crush because you draw like meee! :>
8. You’re my: bestmeooow 🐈
9. Name in my phone: almeow
10. Should you post this too? Suuureee.

Uyyyysss ateeee. Ewan ko kung tanda mo pa ko. :o


Opkors Vermieeee!!! Hihi. In love padin ba? :”“”> Hmmm. Haha! I miss youuuuuuuuu. 😘❤️

Me? Inlabs? Ahihihi nemen. Dami kong fafa ihhh. Hahahaha jkjk. I miss youuu too ate. :***